How Do Pool Heaters Affect Your Cleaning Routine?

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A splash in a warm pool can be an absolute delight, especially during cooler months or chilly evenings. That’s where pool heaters come into play, extending your swimming season and ensuring your comfort. But have you ever stopped to consider how these handy devices might impact your pool cleaning routine? Let’s dive deep into this topic!

What’s a Pool Heater?

Before we get started, it’s essential to understand what a pool heater does. Simply put, a pool heater regulates your pool’s temperature, allowing you to swim even when Mother Nature might have other ideas. They come in various types, including gas, electric, solar, and heat pumps, each with its characteristics and advantages.

The Direct Effects of Pool Heaters on Cleaning

Altered chemical balances

Consistent Temperatures Lead to Stable Chemical Reactions: Warm water tends to stabilize the chemical reactions in your pool. So, having a heated pool means you might notice a more consistent pH and chlorine level. This can make balancing your pool’s chemicals a bit easier over time.

Increased Chlorine Consumption: Chlorine dissolves faster in warmer water. If your pool is consistently warm, add chlorine more frequently to maintain the recommended levels. Regular testing is essential, perhaps more often than you might for a non-heated pool.

Enhanced algae growth

Warm water is a paradise for algae. If you’re using a pool heater, there’s a chance you’ll see faster algae growth. This means you might need to be more vigilant in your cleaning routine, ensuring you brush and vacuum regularly and maybe even shock your pool more frequently.

Maintaining Pool Equipment in Heated Pools

Regular checkups for your heater

As you regularly inspect your pool pump or filter, your pool heater needs periodic checkups. Ensure there’s no calcium buildup, corrosion, or other issues affecting its efficiency.

The influence of warm water on other equipment

Warm water can affect the lifespan and efficiency of your pool equipment. Pumps and filters might need frequent checkups and potential replacements if they consistently process warm water.

Tips for Cleaning Heated Pools

Adjust your chemical routine

Since warm water can consume chlorine faster and alter pH levels, test your pool water more frequently. This way, you can adjust your chemicals as needed, ensuring a safe swimming environment.

Prevent algae before it starts

Consider adding algaecide to your cleaning routine. This chemical can help prevent algae growth, ensuring your pool stays clean and clear despite the warm water.

Keep an eye on your pool heater

If you spot any inefficiencies in your pool heater, such as failing to heat the pool to the desired temperature or making strange noises, it’s best to address these issues promptly. A malfunctioning heater can lead to uneven temperatures, further affecting your cleaning routine.

The Benefits of Heated Pools

While there might be a few more maintenance tasks to consider with a heated pool, the benefits can significantly outweigh the cons:

Extended swimming season

With a pool heater, you’re no longer limited to swimming only in the hot summer months. Early spring or late autumn swim, anyone?

Therapeutic benefits

Warm water is known for its therapeutic benefits, from easing muscle pain to improving circulation.


Pool heaters are a fantastic addition to any pool, making swimming enjoyable throughout the year. While they may slightly modify your cleaning routine, with a bit of attention to detail, these changes are easily manageable. Remember, the key is consistency in cleaning and checking your equipment.

Do you still have questions or need assistance with your heated pool maintenance? At Mokupuni Pool Service & Repair, we’re always here to help! Dive into our range of services or drop us a line – ensuring your pool remains a pristine oasis is our top priority!


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