How to Clean Your Pool After a Pool Party


Summer is here, and it is time to celebrate with a pool party! But, of course, if you have a pool, you already know how fun a pool party with your friends and family can be. But don’t let the fun end when the party is over. Admittedly, cleanup after poolside parties can be difficult and frustrating, especially if you don’t know where to start.

Luckily, we are here to help. Follow these tips to keep your pool fresh and clean before and after your poolside bash.

Test the Waters

After the party, check the pH level of your pool water to see if any chemical imbalances would necessitate further addition of chemicals. It’s also a good idea to shock or super-chlorinate the water before and after the party to ensure a clean and safe environment for your guests. Just be sure to give the chlorine time to settle before anyone gets in the water. Otherwise, algae will take over the pool and change its color to a disgusting shade of green, which will most likely not leave your guests with a good impression of your pool.

Re-Circulate the Water

Soon after the party, you must circulate some fresh water and clear out any debris left in the pool. Do this by turning on your pool pump and leaving it on for a few hours. But don’t go too far. Pool pumps are incredibly efficient at capturing small debris but miss the mark when it comes to larger pieces. However, they tend to throw them to the pool’s surface, so you can easily scoop the floating pieces using a pool net.

Brush the Sides of the Pool

Algae and dirt can cling to the walls and surfaces of your pool, potentially changing the water color and lowering the efficacy of your chemical treatments. As a precaution, brush the sides of your pool after every few weeks, particularly during peak swim season, when higher traffic can lead to algae blooms.

Use Some Shock Therapy

After removing the larger debris and brushing the sides, you may also want to use a pool shock treatment on the water. The shock will kill all bacteria and eliminate contaminants, effectively making the pool as safe as it was before the party. Ideally, it would be best if you used the shock treatment before and after the party. Pre-party shocking will make the pool crystal clear and super clean, making the experience more enjoyable for the guests. Either way, give the water enough time to settle before anyone gets in.

Set up a Foot-Washing Station

To keep most of the dirt and debris out of the water, encourage guests to wash their feet with a garden hose before entering the pool. This simple step can save you time and effort later when cleaning the pool. To get better results, you need to set up a foot-washing station with barriers to prevent dirty water and debris from flowing into the pool. In addition, it may help if guests wear sandals rather than their everyday shoes when entering the pool area.

Keep Away Food and Drink

While having snacks and beverages at a pool party is always fun, keeping them away from the water is essential to prevent accidents or contamination. This is especially so if there is alcohol involved. Unfortunately, it isn’t unheard of for people who have had one too many drinks to throw food and drinkware around, and at a pool party, most of that will go into the water. Be ready to take a firm stand on this issue and request people to keep food, drinks, and utensils away from the pool. Using plastics or paper products is advisable instead of glass, as they can easily break and cause injury.

Also, set up designated areas for food and drink near seating areas rather than by the pool.

Clean & Clear the Pool Area

Keeping the pool deck and surrounding area clean will help prevent dirt and debris from entering the pool. If possible, clear and clean these areas before the party to eliminate debris and items that could be safety hazards during the party. These include toys, yard art, and any sharp objects. Moving the potted plants from the pool area and clearing long grass creates more space for assorted activities. After the party, focus on sanitizing areas and equipment that experienced high traffic. Bacteria and algae can hide in toys, furniture, decks, and patios and grow exponentially, so make sure to hose them down using antibacterial solutions.

Get the Party Started

In the end, you can’t prevent your pool from getting dirty. As such, you should primarily focus on making your guests feel welcome. While at it, make subtle preparations to ensure the guests do not leave the pool dirtier than you would want it to be. For instance, place plastic water bottles around the pool area so they can get refreshments without any risk of broken glass. You may also consider placing some flip-flops at the entrance to the pool area so that guests who don’t have their own can wear them instead of their regular shoes or bare feet. Following these tips, keep your pool clean and ready for all your summer parties. Happy swimming!


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