Why Salt Water Pools are Gaining Popularity


Let’s face it–regular use of chlorine in swimming pools can trigger various body reactions, including asthma, itchy skin, and burning red eyes. Moreover, chlorine produces a foul smell, which may discourage most swimmers. The smell is often produced when chlorine reacts with human hair, skin, urine, sweat, and other organic materials. As a result, many pool owners are now shifting to soft saltwater pools that don’t irritate the eyes, nose, or throat (when swallowed), making it easier to swim. 

So, How Do Salt Water Pools Work?

Saltwater pool systems use chlorine generators to disintegrate salt
into chlorine and other compounds. These generators are similar to other pool systems. The only difference is that chlorine is not added directly to the pool water. The generator produces chlorine at optimum and tolerable levels, making the pool less salty compared to the ocean water. In fact, you won’t feel any form of irritation while at the pool. 

Benefits of a Salt Water Pool System

Say Goodbye to Chloramines
Other pools contain added chlorine, which reacts with organic matter to form chloramines. Unfortunately, chloramines are responsible for the foul smell in our pools. 

And as mentioned earlier, the excessive use of chlorine in the pool can cause itchiness in the skin, eyes, and nose. This means extra caution should be taken when adding this compound.

On the other hand, a saltwater pool system contains harmless minerals and enough salt to make the pool comfortable. As such, you won’t have to battle skin or reactions in the eye after swimming. 

Easy To Maintain
A saltwater pool system is easy to maintain. You only need to add salt when you open the pool at the beginning of the session and in the mid-season. 

Ideally, you should adjust the pump once you see cloudy water. And since the pump requires scheduled maintenance, you can hire a professional pool servicing company to handle the task for you.

It Doesn’t Affect Color-treated Hair
A common phenomenon often seen in most pools is the discoloration of colored-treated hair. Since chlorine is a bleaching agent, it fades the hair and makes it appear less shiny.

You Don’t Need to Test Regularly
A Saltwater pool system doesn’t require frequent testing for chlorine levels or regular adding of chemicals. You can dash into the pool without testing anything or waiting for hours to allow chlorine levels to normalize.

You don’t require a testing kit either. Your pool professional technician will occasionally determine the pH level of the pool water and fix any variances using muriatic acid. This means your pool will always be ready for use.

Low Annual Cost
A saltwater pool uses a generator to make bacteria-killing chlorine. The generator adds chlorine to the water at a constant rate, thus reducing irritation to pool users.

A saltwater pool system makes a pound of chlorine at $1, while off-the-shelf chlorine costs up to $4. If you have a saltwater pool, you’ll spend only 20% of what chlorinated pool owners spend on annual maintenance.

Enjoy Softer Water
Salt is a standard water softener in indoor showers and can produce the same effect in swimming pools. Unlike traditionally chlorinated pools, saltwater pools guarantee a silky feeling, leaving your skin softer after swimming.

Saltwater Pool System: Is It Worth It?

Saltwater pools offer unlimited benefits to users. Although they contain chlorine, the concentration level is lower than in conventional pools. As such, you won’t experience negative body reactions after swimming, thanks to the electrolysis process – which is executed by the generator. In addition, saltwater pools are easy to maintain, require no regular testing, and have low annual maintenance.

So, if you wish to convert your chlorinated pool into a saltwater pool system, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experienced pool service and repair experts are always ready to help!


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